A Good Day

Today, we started our 2010 women's meetings (at Harvest). Women Equipped to Love and Lead - W.E.L.L.

Oh, for wellness...I long for women to live in wholeness and wellness, body, soul, and spirit.

We had to cancel our meeting in January because of snow, and who knows how the spring will go, since our little church will be taking care of two weddings, followed immediately by some high school and college graduations. In a church our size, when one gets pregnant, we "all get pregnant". When one gets sick, we "all get sick"...so to speak. In other words, we sometimes have to alter church activities to accomodate baby showers or a big bout with the flu. Simply stated, everyone matters. What happens to any one member affects all of us. There is no such thing as anyone not being noticed or missed.

But we did get our first session in, of our Beth Moore "Esther" study today...so much fun. I love those women so much.

Came home to flowers from my Tim - red roses. Beautiful.

I sit in my living room, but it does not look like my living room right now. There are blankets on the furniture - to accomodate little Amber, who is far, far from being housebroken. There are wedding invitations everywhere, in various states of completion...some addressed and stamped, some envelopes not stuffed yet, a few invitations not put together yet. (The invitation is a lovely, simple card stock with brown ribbon and a vintage looking paper die-cut monogram...hand made.)

I was wanting the RSVP envelopes to have some sort of special detail, and I was inspired by the use of the vintage stamp on these hand made business cards here.

I bought this very stamp,and we are using it to stamp our address on the smaller RSVP envelopes. It looks super-cute, very vintage-classy. Wish I could snap you a picture real quick, but time is getting away from me, and I am beyond sleepy at the moment...

After the wedding, I am going to re-word the stamp (I can make it say anything I want, up to 5 lines!) and will make my own calling cards using those very tags you see in the picture-link. I'll make them with my name, email address, and blog web-address on them.

Speaking of pictures, I'm still learning my new camera (see last post!):

one of the arrangements for the wedding...this will go in the church foyer.

Bocelli, the canary ~

Grant, the pocket parrot ~

Me, the silly girl trying to peer through her reading glasses at the symbols on her camera screen, and attempting to understand shutter speed and aperture. Deep. Unsmiling. Concentration.

I best sign off, and go put together the traditional little gifts I always give my kids (grown or not!) for Valentine's Day. Am I the only one who gets totally addicted to those little candy hearts with the messages?
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