My experience tells me that a huge component of the sense of well being a woman needs, is to feel a little uncomfortable.

Okay. To feel a lot uncomfortable.

Really, really uncomfortable.

Before you grab your thrift-store-find-of-a-leather-Coach-purse-trimmed-in-a-delicious-orange-color and flounce away (yeah, I'm all about the purse...)

...hear me out.

There is no sense of well-being, without a sense of accomplishment. There is no sense of accomplishment without a sense of difficulty. There is no sense of difficulty, without feeling really uncomfortable.

What I am telling you right now, could be your one-way ticket out of Depressionville: do something brand new, and something hard. A kick-boxing class. Plan two weddings in one year. Start a DIY home improvement project. Go back to school. Stop whining. Stop criticizing. Stop running away from feeling uncomfortable. (I told you to try something brand new!)

Trust me, there aren't enough churches - or men - in your whole city for you to leave when the going gets tough. Try something actually difficult, as opposed to imagined difficulty, and stick and stay. Besides, you never die with your options open - you have to commit some time. You won't be leaving your casket, when you stop liking it.

You heard me.

Keep learning, keep growing, keep loving people - and all at great personal cost. This isn't about self improvement...its about self respect.

Foundational. Wellness.
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