Almost Done...

What a week! We're not done yet, but we have the end in sight. I'll post pictures of all the fun, pretty details when the kitchen repair/redecoration is finished.

The wall we had to tear out was replaced by Monday night...

Beginning to get the full effect of our new all-white kitchen...I snapped this picture of the last bit of the old red wall.

Installation of track lighting - again, is there anything this man cannot do? This kind of lighting, and going with halogen bulbs, made as big a difference as changing the wall color! Had I known the "power of light", I would have done this years ago! (The right side wall still needs primer and paint.)

Not done yet - but here is where we are as of the weekend. Time to put away the tools and paint brushes temporarily, as we have a busy weekend to tend to. This kitchen is going to be so light, airy, and serene when we are finally finished.

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