Sarah's New Blog

Now that my daughter Sarah is married, she has decided to start a new blog. Her life as pastor's daughter, and artist's wife, is anything but dull or routine. The sort of life where you get up, go to the same job every day, and come home, is not a life that either of these newlyweds can relate to. For them, each day is truly brand-new, and they are doing an amazing job of living artistically and purposefully.

Young as they are, they are already sculpting a style that identifies them - a marriage full of affection, and a life that is fresh and fun. They are growing a teeny garden, mostly in containers, they live in urban Knoxville - a little white house smack-dab in the middle of the city, they love having guests often (sometimes a crowd!), tending to their exuberant puppy, and being fully creative - all in a "normal" day.

Artsy couple, they.

Without further monologue, please visit Sarah's "A Grace-"FULL" Life".
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