Kitchen Chaos

It had been a long but productive day. Twelve (or was it thirteen?) for lunch, followed by birthday cake and a silly alien movie. A lovely Sunday, it was. I was feeling so complete and happy - ready to end the day on a soft note. Then, last night, about 9 PM, I let Tim know that I thought there might be a problem in the kitchen...someone noticed that the wall on the far end of the kitchen had a strange, wavy look to it...

...we were still working at 11 PM, tearing out water-damaged wall, moving cabinets out to the garage, stacking drawers and cookbooks and pots and pans all around the perimeter of the dining room.

Life. Has. Descended. Into. Chaos.

That fast. ::snaps fingers::

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, my house is being defibrillated. Resuscitated.

But hey...remember that kitchen makeover on the schedule for this summer? It's getting done right now. This week.


Is there anything this man cannot do?

The washing machine has been leaking into the wall for who-knows-how-long. We had to rip out the whole wall, both sides between the kitchen and laundry room. Tim had to re-plumb the guts, install a box for the fixtures, and fix the leak. Now, it is on to new sheetrock, and the requisite taping and mudding and sanding.

I'll post detailed pictures of The Unveiling as soon as we are done!
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