White/cream design inspiration...

round table in a white dining room, worn wood floors - lovely!

This is a project from the blog "Shanty2Chic". Love the idea - I would paint the headboard either a robin's egg blue, or a white, or possibly black...

Wonderful idea, the mirror over the nightstand! This would be very simple to do.

I am thinking I need an apron just like this.

It has been a busy, busy day. Got a whole lot done, here at the cottage! One way I unwind, is by enjoying interior design photos - either in an actual magazine, or in one of the many fantastic blogs out there.

So many beautiful ideas, so little time! Thank you for sweet comments and emails of encouragement regarding my redecorating efforts. This whole design style of whites and neutrals is much more difficult to pull off than I first thought. It is far more than putting a creamy white paint on the walls. It is really a way of creating a canvas of possibility, a restful, peaceful backdrop, using texture and subtlety and allowing only a very few beautiful things to "speak" for the space.

Hard to explain - even harder to execute. But I'll get there. The joy is in the journey, friends!
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