Sneak Peek

I had another "great"( me) post all prepared for you, regarding my latest musings on self effort and religion versus the life of grace, based on the life of Abraham/Abram. I have even coined a phrase in my mind, "Ishmael lives!" God answered the prayers of His friend Abram...

But the thought occurred to me that you so might need a break from my theological ramblings - and rantings about Facebook's contribution to marital infidelity. (If you lived a day in my shoes, you'd be ranting too...oh, the destruction of whole families when we depart from God's counsel!)

::she slaps herself yet again::

I've decided to lay off the theology for a day. For you. Just for you! (The Lord is speakin' to me in a big way about how very much Ishmael and Isaac resemble one this day, they do!...I'm tellin' you, it is hard as hail to stay off the subject...but....for you.)

Yes, hail. The really hard stuff that falls from the sky here in Tennessee during a bad thunderstorm.

It is 11:30 at night, and I'm padding about in my jammies snapping pictures of my dining room...for you. I'm far from done - the kitchen still needs its makeover, and it directly adjoins the dining room. But the dining room walls are painted, and you can at least tell from this vantage point which direction I am going, in terms of design. Ready??

"Bus driver! Move that bus!"

It is getting late. Waaaaay past my bed time.

The buffet and corner cabinet are going to get painted and distressed - so imagine those blending in with this creamy, white-on-white atmosphere...(please ignore the too-big lightbulbs. Alas, they are all I had on hand when they recently needed changing, and I keep forgetting to get the right size. Candace Olsen I am not.)

With whispers of robin's egg blue (on the table runner, in this picture. Robin's egg blue also found in the candlesticks, toss pillows, and a few other touches...)

A close-up of the table setting...

Candles, a Celtic cross cutting board, and a ball of twine in the corner...

Close up detail of one of the candlesticks...

A tablescape detail. That is an antique drawer, originally part of an an old singer sewing cabinet.

I hope this itty bitty change of pace has been a happy one for you. Tomorrow I just may be waiting for you with my glasses on my nose and Bible open, ready to talk about the fact that "self effort lives!"...and looks a whole lot like promise....but it ain't.

Far from it.
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