Anticipating Friday Evening Fellowship

Ring the bell, or come on in!

Candles are lit - it is almost time for some out-of-state friends to get here!

Wild roses are in bloom just off the front porch

impatiens in a strawberry pot - simple, simple...

The pond and its fishies...right by the front door.

I snipped some of my pink peonies - love!

The table is set - notice anything missing? No more buffet! Didn't want it anymore. Less is so often more!

Semi-homemade angel cake, fresh from the oven. Duncan Hines and I are real good friends on a busy afternoon. He has my back all the time.

Things ready to slice and chop...

Umbrella up, in case we want to sit around out back.

Soft, airy, clean, and simple. White-on-white is getting all my love these days.
(Corner cabinet will be painted soft white...eventually.)

the keys to good fellowship are first, a sense of joy within the walls of the home!

...and maybe a front porch that says, "Sit and relax." All of us may end up here at the end of the evening. Tim and I will for sure end the day here, after our friends go home, enjoying the sound of the waterfall, and basking in the afterglow of being with friends we've known for years.

Hope your weekend has sweet fellowship in store for you. It feeds the soul.

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