500th Post Party - Blogs I Love

In celebration of my 500th post (can you believe it?) and well over a thousand profile views, I decided I'd share a few of my best kept secrets with you...some of my favorite blogs (besides the blogs of our Harvest members, which will always, always be my truly favorite blogs...I'm partial like that).

Don't you just love a good blog?  A blogger who takes great pictures, writes reasonably well, and posts pretty much every day about things that interest me is hard to find, and when I find her, I keep her. 

And today, I want to share her.  Trust me, you'll want to hug and kiss me for introducing you to some of these amazing blogs and the women behind them!

First, my daughter Sarah and her artist-husband Jonathan have a new blog - please visit and leave some love behind!  And if you ever want to commission a portrait or painting, I promise you, this young man is the man to call on.  His art is gaining recognition all over this area - carried in exclusive design stores.

Next,you will love "My French Country Home".  Yes, she is French, and yes, she really does live in a beautiful estate-home in France.  This blog will take you away on vacation, every time.

Hmmmmm.  Which one to share next?  This really does feel like I am sharing some of my best kept secrets...

Melissa over at The Inspired Room is an all-time fav of mine...

inspired room

She is also a pastor's wife, and the most gracious blogger I know!

Oh, and Trina over at A Country Farmhouse is a-mazing.  She's expecting twins soon, and her Oregon Farmhouse is the prettiest thing, inside and out, you've ever seen.

Flower Patch Farmgirl writes beautifully about the miracle of adoption, and all things home and hearth.  Her wit will leave you smiling...this is a blog you truly savor and enjoy.

Last of all, you cannot believe the chicken coop over at The Fancy Farmgirl.  Seriously.  It is the most beautiful chicken coop you have ever laid your wondering eyes on, I promise.  ("What to my wondering eyes did appear?  A chicken coop with a chandelier!")

Pinky swear.  It.  Has.  A.  Chandelier.  Visit this blog - you'll like it.

Come back and tell me what you think - 'cause I think, if you haven't discovered these great blogs yet, I've just made your day!
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