A Mind At The Mercy of Its Associations

What do these three images have in common?

A geometry triangle

Candy Corn...  (this picture is from the blog Organize Your Stuff  Now - check it out when you can, you'll enjoy it!)

and lastly, this ~

American Eagle men's jeans.

Yeah.  Tell me what these three images have in common.  Nothing, right?  There is no common link between these images in anyone's mind....except my youngest son's mind.

I was reviewing some Geometry with him the other day, prepping him for the ACT.  Halfway through, I could tell I'd lost his attention...so I paused, and sure enough he looked straight at me and said, "Mom...I need new clothes."

So I asked.  I shouldn't have.  But I asked.

"Please tell me, how did you get from Geometry to Clothes?"

He became embarrassed, and hemmed and haw'ed and finally confessed:

"I was paying attention, I promise!  But the triangle made me think of candy corn, and candy corn made me think of Halloween, and Halloween made me think of fall, and fall made me think of colder weather, and colder weather made me realize I don't have any fall or winter clothes that fit anymoreAnd I really want some new American Eagle jeans."

Not.  Even.  Kidding you.  That is what the boy said, word for word.  I just sat there, with my mouth hanging open, unable to say anything.

What must it be like, to live inside his head, every day?  Most importantly, where does he get it?

Which reminds me, I need to paint my toenails today.
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