A Happy Sort of Monday

Happy Monday, everyone...I am praying for every pair of eyes that land on this blog today, that you'd know the very personalized, sacrificial love of God for you!  How He loves you.

How about this, for the beginning of my Monday ~

A package!  What is it, what is it?

What it is, what it is!  Twig crayons...lllllllllove.  Love.  These.

  Yes, it is sideways, but I love this angle best.  A colorful start to the week, no?

It's a James Taylor kind of day.

I really do have deeper thoughts than these, but I'll have to save them for another post.  I've been pondering the "oughts" of God.  I've been pondering how that, on one hand, legalists get all their "oughts" in the wrong places....and on the other hand, other believers think there shouldn't be any sense of duty or obligation to our lives, because that isn't grace.

Both are wrong.  Which means I've been wrong, many many times, because I've had my head in both places before.  I might get my head in one of either extreme again...it is so easy to be wrong.

(please take note, how easy that was for me to admit...friend, you were born wrong, and it should never be a big honking deal for you  to own that.  You should always be changing your mind in something...because I promise, your thinking is off, somewhere, somehow, right now!)

So at some point I want to think onto this screen, about the gentle "oughts" of God.  How do I know they are gentle?

Because gentleness is a fruit of the Spirit - a manifestation of who God is.  All He is, is holy, and all He does, is from love, and all His expectations have a  gentleness to them.  He is altogether loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, and gentle, and so...so....so in control of His every thought and action, and in control of my life.

Enjoy your Monday.  I'm thinking that if you keep your heart in a position of receptivity, if you will but discern it, God has a "surprise package" for you today!     
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