Spinach Lasagna - the Easy Way

First, pour a little spaghetti sauce in the bottom of your baking dish, followed by three lasagna noodles (uncooked!), followed by a generous smearing of ricotta cheese and two fistfuls of mozerella, sprinkled evenly, followed by a layer of (fresh!) spinach.

repeat with your next layer of three lasagna noodles...

followed by smearing all the ricotta cheese you want on top of the noodles, followed by as much mozerella as you want.  Usually, after this step, I sprinkle some coarse salt and a couple pinches of Italian herbs...

followed by some spagetti sauce, preferably fresh...then more spinach, then more noodles...you get the idea.  Add as many layers as your dish (and your tummy) can hold...

Finish off with parmesan cheese

Now, the next step is the most important...actually, the next two steps.  Are you ready?

Pour a bit of water into the edges and corners of your lasagna (under a cup)

and seal it tightly with a couple layers of foil.  Bake in a 350 degree oven till done, about an hour, if I remember correctly, and if I don't, I'll come back and edit this.  ::smile::

Sorry for the lack of precision in ingredient amounts, but I just don't know what precisely to tell you.  Eyeball it - you know what a good lasagna looks like...you probably make a better lasagna than I do, but I doubt you make one easier than this! 

Before I leave you on this sunny-in-east-Tennessee, first-day-of-fall Tuesday, I have to tell you what sort of Tuesday it is...

It's a Martin Denny sort of Tuesday.  And I hope to help start a return to the sheer enjoyment and preservation of vinyl music...the sound of really old music on really old records played on a really old (50's) record player is a happy thing.  A very happy thing.  I love it so much better than my CD's and my Zen MP3, though it is a really nice, recent model. This kind of music is part of our unique lifestyle here at the cottage, paying homage to our preference for all things old and simple...dinner is always accompanied by the scratchy, low tech sound of records, playing Ella Fitzgerald or Nat King Cole...or Martin Denny.  Picking these gems up for fifty cents is better than frugal...this is artistic living.

Just want to leave you with some gratuitous beauty for your brain...eye candy...whatever you want to call it ~

End of summer gerbera daisies, planted in our vintage (our neighbor estimated it to be from the 60's era, because it was his daughter's when she was small, then went to another neighbor, then came here)  radio flyer wagon, along with some ornamental grasses for texture...

The lettuce is sprouting nicely - two kinds - it will be ready when the weather cools off.  When it is nice and full I'll share pictures of our cold crops and a finished salad or two!

Blessings on your Tuesday...we are having record heat here today!
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