It's a GIRL!

(babies make us so happy we're singing - and it's a good thing, since we're having one, and our church family is expecting FOUR!)

Please let me introduce you to the most fun couple you will ever meet - Michael and Megan.  All of Harvest Church adores them, you'd love them to.  They discovered a few months ago that they are expecting a wee one, in January!

They found out today that their baby is a.......GIRL!

Her name? 

(oh, it is so precious, it almost stops my heart.  Are you ready for this?)

Her name is Gabriella Grace Ann Cummins.  We will all have the blessing of calling her Gabbi Grace.

::happy squeak::

You have to know how perfect this name is for the little daughter of Michael and Megan Cummins!
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