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BIG NEWS, friends...Hannah (my daughter, who is expecting our first grandbaby) is two weeks further along than we thought!

::cheers, confetti::

Sooooo...Grandaddy and I are thinking we could even have a "Thanksgiving Baby" - it's possible!  At any rate, our little Timothy Paul is a big 'un.  I've finally been able to feel him kick!  For the loooooongest time, every single time I would put my hand on Hannah's belly, he would get completely still.

Every.  Time.

It actually got a little weird - it seemed like he knew his Nana wanted very, very badly to feel him moving, and so he decided to play Mean Grandson Tricks.  But we've been able to outsmart him a few times, now.

Hannah came up with a brilliant idea for a bedskirt for her crib.  We've looked and looked at what is out there in the stores, and nothing was "right".  Hannah isn't interested in a "theme" for the nursery, nor does she want anything saccharin sweet - she wants to go with a vintage look for her baby's room.  Every bedskirt we have seen was either too thin, too cutesy, or themed.

(By the way, we've come to the conclusion that the best way to go is to find a twin sized "regular" bedskirt that you really love, and just modify it...or, of course, sew your own.)

This past Saturday, she pulled out all the burlap I have - the color is a deep chocolate brown, and the texture is so rustic and charming.  She arranged and rearranged it, and voila....the perfect bedskirt for her crib!  It looks amazing.  The girl is a gifted designer, able to fabricate what she needs with the materials she finds.

Notice the velvet bear...he is so cute, and so vintage-looking!

Here is our latest antique store aquisition...

The excitement around here is...well, it is extremely sweet.  Lovin' life...I'm just lovin' my life.

It so rocks to be me.
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