My Two Bluebirds...

Did you know that Eastern Bluebird babies grow up, leave the nest, and then some actually return to the nest to help the parents take care of the next wave of hatchlings?

I didn't know that. But the fact reminds me of both my girls.

They've grown up, left the nest, and yet have stationed themselves nearby (and in Hannah's case, has physically returned to the "nest" for a short time) in order to help the family thrive and flourish.

Believe me, I know how rare and wonderful that is. I am overwhelmed by God's goodness in it. I was thinking yesterday, how that in my fondest dreams I dreamed when these girls were babies, I couldn't have imagined the sweetness we share today. The togetherness. The sense of friendship and respect and the sense that we are now working together to achieve certain goals.

It's the grace of God, pure and simple. I did nothing so wise or so right as to deserve the sort of relationship our whole family shares together. We absolutely enjoy just hanging out.

Those bluebird-daughters of mine and their bluebird-husbands are contributing to the welfare of their younger siblings (and their parents) in spiritually enduring, substantial ways...and by this, they contribute to the well being of an entire church.

My best prayer for you, daughters of mine, is that God gives you bluebirds of your own. Only then can you possibly know the blessing you are to me!
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