Thursday - Saying 'Bye to Summer

The view outside my front door today...Thursday is a bit moody...

Good morning, Miss Thursday!  I see you are a moody sort of day, being that you are a little overcast, but with a hint of sunshine to come?  I'm sure of this - there's never been a Thursday like you, and never will be again.  You are your own day, standing out on the calendar in all your glory.  Thursday, September 16th, 2010.  You'll never knock on my door again.  I want to get to know you.  What special things do you have in store?

The first thing you said to me, while I was still in my pajamas, was this:  "Time to say goodbye to summer."  I'm a little confused, since our temperatures are getting upwards of ninety degrees, but okay.  Whatever you say, Thursday.

So I said goodbye to one of my best crepe myrtles...but not to the canoe.  I will not say goodbye to the canoe until November.  Fall is actually mine and Tim's favorite time to get the boat out.  Cracks me up...we have a boat - Atchley style.  Simple.  Sweet.  You should see it upside down and on top of the Barbie Jeep (my husband's red Geo Tracker convertible).  A hoot n' hilarious sight.

 But enough about me.  I'm thinking you are a "great" Thursday!  So, since you are a moody-great Thursday, it's Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como, and more...

...all on one divine, vintage (1959) LP.  Is that a smile I see, Miss Thursday?  Toe tapping?  I think so!  Here, let me pour you a cuppa caramel macchiato coffee.  And take a look at my new favorite magazine.

Hmmmm.  Now you are saying that actually, what you really meant this morning was to tell me to celebrate the changing of the season.  Revel in the last heat wave I'm likely to see until next May.  Take note of the scattered, few bright orange leaves on that crepe myrtle, because soon, that bush will be ablaze - and I'll enjoy that almost as much as the magenta flowers.  You're telling me to chop up the very, very last of the jalepenos and tomatoes and make a fine salsa.

  And while I'm making salsa, you recommend that I have a glass of wine, and propose a toast to the Summer of Grace.  Oh, and water that red lantana, you say.  It's looking a bit bedraggled.  Maybe plant a gorgeous orange mum in that basket, you say?

Coffee does wonders for you, Miss Thursday.

 Rambo-beenie says to tell Miss Thursday that it seems like a day to crunch on tortilla chips and chase the pocket parrot around the room.  Bad Beenie!

Well, I'm off to see what unfolds on this One Special Thursday - and I don't mean laundry.
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