In Which Sheila Declares, "Give Honor Where It Is Due..."

(me - doling out punch.  In this case, please think of this picture as quite prophetic and illustrative of "a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down", because Imabouta get down and dirty with you!)

I've known and observed many women over the years I've walked with the Lord - those who honor legitimate authority are rare and beautiful as diamonds.  Those who treat legitimate authority with indifference or insufficient respect are common as pennies.

Too many complain about their husband.

Too many do not honor their father.  Too many do not honor their mother.  (It seems fashionable, almost, in this generation for a woman to have "mother issues".  Friends, I will not be part of that.)

Too many do not show proper respect for spiritual authority - pastors, teachers, etc.  They cross the line in their mannerisms, in their perceived intellectual superiority, in their attitudes.

And in all cases, these whiny, disrespectful women wonder why they are not prospering in their souls.  (And soul-prosperity is the only prosperity that matters, quite frankly.)

Wonder no more.  Just observe how you respond to legitimate authority.  To whom are you rendering due honor and respect?

Wake up, and smell the cappacino, girls.  I wouldn't bring this up if I didn't care!  I so want to see women truly experience well-being...  
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