Fall Harvest Decor, White Palette

As Autumn drew near, this past September, I began to wonder how decorating for Harvest would look in my home, with my new light, white color palette.

I shouldn't have worried, after all, the Bible does say that "the fields are white unto the harvest...", so white and harvest should be two concepts that easily go together.

I know. That's a reach. And a little cheesey. But this is my blog, so deal with it. Anyhow, here are some shots I took today of how my harvest decorating finally all came together. I'll be leaving things "as is" until Christmas...

Of course, pumpkins and gourds are everywhere. I edited out the green gourds this year, because my carefully-chosen colors for fall are orange and blue, brown and white...

I took the turquoise coffee mugs down, and replaced them with brown transferware teacups (though I still drink coffee in them - shhhhhh...don't tell.)

A close up. Gotta love this.

whatever you do, do it elegantly - which means "as simple as possible, but still making an impact." Three white pumpkins placed on a brown glass mosaic leaf plate...this is perhaps my favorite idea I came up with.

replaced the usual candles on our covered front porch with three small pumpkins, and one large one on the table. That's it! That is all I did to our front porch, yet somehow it shouts "HARVEST TIME"...

Don't forget the fact that the outdoors needs no ornamentation. Please, no fall leaf garlands around your front door...(unless you have no trees in your yard!)...let the real leaves have center stage. This is our pond, right off of our front porch. It is overshadowed by a dogwood - whose leaves are luscious scarlet right now.

change out your kitchen linens...put out a fall cookbook...and again, elegant simplicity...just one white ceramic pumpkin on the wood counters.

Orange and blue play beautifully together in the dining room...(that tablecloth doesn't read well in this picture - it is a sweet shade of robin's egg blue print..)

A close up of the table centerpiece - just things I've gathered in years past - the only new thing is the (real) white pumpkin under the tiny cloche...the cloche was $4 at Hobby Lobby - a deal no woman can resist.

white, white, white...and orange.

White, white, white...and orange. (actually, depression-era peach lustre-ware teacups and saucers - love they way they stack and lean - with leaves and berries...) This speaks to my philosophy to decorate with what is real and ordinary and useful whenever possible. I'm real down on "knick knacks" these days...

My stainless steel double-timer, and a box of matches. Useful. Real. Beautiful. Decorative. I love this long box of wooden matches. I much prefer to light my candles this way. I know I'm weird and I'm okay with it. Kapeesh?

Savor this special time of year - it is over all too soon, swallowed up by cheesy boy-bands who mangle beautiful old Christmas carols. Fall will soon be overtaken by all things Santa Claus. Take time to set your harvest season apart by decorating for it, and truly "giving thanks", without letting the commercialism of the Christmas season overshadow this lovely autumn of the year. There will never again be another autumn 2010 - and it is winding up fast.

Grace and peace to you, friends. Isn't that all we ever need , anyway?

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