We're Leaving Town!

Here is where I'll be this time tomorrow...

Come to Whitestone from Kevin Cowell on Vimeo.


We'll have the lake view room - more than a 180 degree view, through large windows.  Every morning, gourmet breakfast.  Every evening, dinner prepared by their on site chef. 

 See the turret?  That's our room.  Looking out onto the lake.

Another place you can stay at Whitestone - you can see a glimpse of the lake.

I'm packing as we speak...

Thank you, Harvest Church!  An extravagant gift, with no strings attached!  To think...we get to go just the two of us!  Ya'll know us well, that's for sure.  Tim and I love, love, love being alone together.  We never get to be! 

Thank you, Sarah and Jonathan, for taking over Pickle Duty.  (Our youngest is having to save money to pay for his car insurance before he can drive.  He'll have it soon - just not tomorrow.  Sarah and Jonathan have graciously stepped in to let Isaac stay with them, let Justin and Hannah have the house to themselves, and cart Isaac to basketball practice and to his part time job.)

And thank you, Justin and Hannah, for being on dog duty and bird duty and mom-gets-to-come-back-home-to-a-clean-house duty.

Ya'll are the best.

And it so rocks to be me.

PS.  I may or may not post while we're gone.  Honestly, blogging relaxes me, so I may take my laptop with me, if I can sneak it by Tim, who would probably rather have me 100% to himself, no laptop...but hey...he'll get 99%.  More'n enough for any man.  More'n he can handle.


And yes, baby, you are all the man I can handle.  Together, we make a mighty fine pair - all that....uh...."handling each other".
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