More (Real) Birdcages as a Design Element

My most-read post on this whole blog has been "The Real Birdcage as Design"...(along with "The Refreshing Signs of a Gracious Woman" and "The Sad Signs of Legalism")...each of which have been read over 400 times.  The gospel and bird cages - isn't that hilarious?  That is just like me - a study in contrasts.

...So, with over 400 interested people,  I am not alone in my desire to see bird cages designed better, to make  them a beautiful feature in a room, rather than a utilitarian eyesore.  A well done bird cage can steal the show as much as a beautiful painting or fireplace.  It can draw the eye instantly to its artful, graceful lines and unusual hand-made quality.

Here are more pictures I've collected over the summer - to illustrate what I mean: 

Don't you love this?

I read somewhere that a round bird cage isn't good for your birds...that they need corners, and can get disoriented in a round cage.  I wonder if this shape (and the previous one) is too close to being round?  More research is in order.

How stunning.  I mean, really.  Lovely.

My favorite!  This sets my hair on fire...I want several little birdies, in wall- mounted cages like these.  So I'm the crazy bird-lady.  So sue me.

If I copied this idea, there would have to be trays in the bottom of each cage, easily removed...and clear plexiglass attached to the back of each cage, between the cage and wall to protect it.  (that is my husband's ingenious solution - and it works!  We have a pocket parrot named Audrey Hepburn positioned next to a white wall, and she is a messy, messy girl.  The clear plexiglass takes care of the problem, and protects our white wall.  You simply take the plexiglass off every couple of months for a good wiping down, and there you splatters or spots on your wall.  My husband's solution is genius, because a happy bird is a messy bird - they love to splash in their bath...)

Can I somehow encourage you to let a small bird into your life?  Can I plead with you to buy a male canary - from a reputable bird dealer - the best you can afford?  The emotional payoff is huge - a canary's song is absolutely happy and lilting and it will lift your spirits and bless you continually.  Mine was a gift from my Tim for Valentine's Day, about two and a half years ago.

Canaries don't want to be handled...they love you from afar.  But they do love you, I promise.  My Bocelli calls out to me every day, enjoys my attention, adores the sound of my voice, and actually sings to me...on purpose. 

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