A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever...

In recent years, my design style has taken a decidedly industrial turn...

I so love this kitchen!  Love all this weathered metal - the shelving, the light fixtures, the giant clock, and those tractor seats-turned-barstools make me happy.  This whole picture makes me happy.  My only "tweak" would be a punch of color...I'd probably go with color in those stacks of dishes. 

My personal signature has done a "180", to using a whisper-quiet background, with one color (or two) added in layers to make things interesting.  The color of this door....I adore it.  (Get it?  I "a-door" it?  Huh?  Get it?  Or am I the only one who likes a good pun?) I love the layers of texture here.  Please do not miss the vinyl records to the far left!  Whoever designed this space could be my "bff".

Can I get away from the whisper white canvas, with splashes of color?  Nah...and I emphatically do not want to get away from it.  It will never, ever go out of style.

I've collected these images over months and months...and the theme stays strong and true.  Neutral canvas, texture, layers, and bits of color.  I love this bedroom so much I can't stand it.

This is a new twist on my favorite "chalkboard wall" fetish.  (And I do have a chalkboard fetish.  I cannot imagine you being able to be truly happy without writing profusely on your walls.  I'm so glad I was able to get that out.  Now you understand me.)  Write on your large, gorgeous mirrors!  Love notes, scriptures, you-name-it.  I think this idea is positively charming.
I've included this as a shameless advertisement for my current-favorite color combination - orange and blue.  They play so well together!  In my own dining room and kitchen, even as we speak, these two colors are getting on famously.  Pictures forthcoming....if I do say so myself, orange and blue are adorable in my house.
I'm so stealing this storage idea...

Llllllove!  I'm adding this to my idea file (and to my love's honey-do list)!  Very, very doable...prime and paint some weathered boards, get your man to pop them on the wall sideways, add pegs and shelving, a bench and there's that nod to industrial, with the metal...this look will be appearing in my foyer forthwith.  I think the idea of decorating with my pretty umbrellas, scarves, and jackets is total perfection.  It speaks to my strong philosophy of decorating with real things, finding beauty in these everyday items, instead of knick knacks.  I actually think this picture makes my heart beat faster.

 I hope you have a fantastic Lord's Day tomorrow!  Go be a significant part of church life, with people you know and love, instead of being a religious consumer of a pre-packaged "experience", meticulously planned for you.  One is a lot harder to do than the other...one takes more effort than the other...one takes a working knowledge of grace - as opposed to an espoused knowledge of grace.  I'll let you decide which one.  

Church life is also a Thing of Beauty...it is every-day in its nature, but when it is done with continuity and faithfulness, it is an intelligent and artistic way to live...it is a beautiful way to live...it is a joy forever....its "loveliness increases."  Hope you have that kind of imperfectly-perfect beauty where you fellowship!  If you don't, come love and be loved at Harvest Church. 
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