Harvest Decorating

I had all my harvest decor stored away until the beginning of September.  It was so fun to get out the Harvest Wheat sheaves...these evoke for me not only my love for the Harvest season, but my passion for Harvest Church, and my passion for the harvest that is white and ripe and ready...the harvest of the hearts of people, who will one day worship Jesus Christ.  May His name be famous in all the nations of the earth!

Also, you see a beautiful brown mosaic-glass plate on the antique dresser.  These all sit in my entry foyer.  I always make very simple changes, from summer to autumn, but simple can be so effective!

I love children's stories.  I firmly believe they are cheap therapy.  So you can imagine my joy at being gifted a few vintage vinyl story records...about fall and Thanksgiving on one side, and Easter and spring on the other!  I listened to the fall stories this morning...it was the best way I could have started my day.  Yes, it was a "story time" kind of day.

If you've been studying interiors at all, you've found that right now, orange and blue are in combination everywhere...these are my fall pops of color against my neutral canvas.  Notice the autumn leaves suspended above the table, hanging from the chandelier, and the ironstone crock full of hydrangeas from my garden.

Another shot of the Harvest Table, looking into the kitchen...I love my terra cotta floors - very French country.

 A burlap garden trug, filled with pumpkins...

Display your Autumn cookbooks (I get my seasonal cookbooks for $2 and $3 at our local used bookstore!) for a perfect seasonal decoration that strikes the all important combination of beautiful and useful.

Most importantly, cook.  Fill your home with the true essence of autumn.  Instead of pumpkin candles, try making pumpkin bread and pumpkin cupcakes with maple frosting.  I did...it was so, so good.  Try your favorite soup recipe, and bake some bread.  Display beautiful linens in fall colors in your kitchen.  Other than these very natural things, my only Harvest decor is a medium sized ceramic white pumpkin, sitting primly on those gorgeous oiled-wood counters.

I love fall.  It remains my favorite season of the year.  Miracles always happen for me when the leaves turn lipstick kissed red.  God is always One to spoil me during the months of September through December.  I find His fingerprints all over my day, and feel His butterfly kisses in the wind.  He's just so glorious, and I cannot wait until the entire Harvest is His and His alone - this entire spinning orb called earth, all of it rejoicing in His righteous ways.

Take joy in every season as it passes.  All too soon, it will be gone.  No one else but you can experience God's precious presence in your own unique heart and mind.  Take some Harvest joy.  It glorifies God when you do!
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